Your global trading partner with foresight on mutual success
Target: Win-Win based
business deals

Your global trading partner with foresight on mutual success
Short and long term profitable results go together

Your global trading partner with foresight on mutual success
Leverage full potential
by thinking and acting global

Your global trading partner with foresight on mutual success
Social responsibility as an untouchable credo

Foreword: CEO exotrading

Omar Djelan

The fast pace globalization not only leads to more cross boarder trade, but also to an internationalization of production processes. In total, companies as well as countries and their consumers hugely benefit: On the one hand the exotrading and its partners, through the fact that consumer needs get more transparent for us to satisfy via international trade of intermediate and end products. On the other hand companies and their citizens, through their ability to leverage their comparative production and trade advantages for economic growth and wealth. With this respect, a clear correlation between the external trade balance and the gross national product can be observed for the most countries.
We are extremely passionate about our day-to-day job of uncovering lucrative business potentials across industries. Depending on the respective market and the business subject, we position ourselves as transactional oriented buyers, sellers or as mid/long term distribution partners within a B2B environment. In that context, we make use of already build infrastructure and our extensive network on all continents of the world. We leverage decades of experience and unique work ethic for result driven success of our businesses.
Looking forward to earning your trust as a base for mutually beneficial business deals in close future.

Who we are

We are a global trading company with a broad network of relevant contacts, profound market knowledge and a great sense of market tendencies and trends. Join us in leveraging the full potential of international markets across industries.

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What we do

We love global trading. We complete commercial transactions with outstanding success and generate profit for our business partners as well as global markets and their participants.


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„Those who are not curious learn nothing.“ 

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

„There is still a world to be conquered.“

Rupert Murdoch

„Everything big in our world happens only if someone does something more than he or she should.“

Albert Einstein

„Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.“

Henry Ford

„In the short term the market is a popularity contest; in the long term it is a weighing machine.“

Warren Buffett

Why us

In line with your corporate values, we work in a collaborative, disciplined, enthusiastic and ethical correct fashion. However, to make our unique selling prepositions clear and tangible, we summarized our 5 key arguments for you.

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Would you be excited to work on great business deals across the globe? Enjoy being part of an inspiring corporate environment with flat hierarchies? Seeking for individual career development together with highly satisfying income opportunities? If yes, then we should talk.

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