We are hiring!

You like working in an intercultural environment?
You do strive for authentic and convincing conversations?
You already have experience in the field of international trade?

If the answer is yes, then we should definitely meet.
We are looking for international trade experts with extensive market knowledge in highly emerging business areas.

Are you interested in joining us?

Please send us your detailed application documents to info@exotrading.de or just call us at
040 - 53 26 28 99

What you can expect of working at exotrading?

Exciting business deals

We work with the most exciting companies and do have appealing projects on hand that are fun to work on. You will have the opportunity to work as a generalist across industries or as a specialist on specific business types. Either way, you will find rich variety in your daily activities.

 International workplace

Most of our business partners are medium-sized companies that we not only work with on a national, but a multi-country level. That gives you the option to work for us permanently or short term in another place of this beautiful and diverse world.

Inspiring corporate environment

You will find every single one of us being a team player. We support each other on all aspects of business and even private matters. You will feel the special corporate spirit as of the first minute you step in the office. Promise: You never ever want to miss
that feeling again.

Highly satisfying income

We are a 100% aware of the fact that our employees are key to the exotrading business. We do respect your performance and allow you to growth your career with us. This includes appropriate financial compensations. We clearly build on recruiting management from internal talents.

Individual training

People at exotrading are the most valuable asset we have. Your success would be our success. Only if you win, we win. To keep up to the competitive world of today, we continuously invest in developing your skillset through best in class training sessions that give you the knowledge and confidence to win.

Flat hierarchy management

We treat you on eye level irrespective of your job level and experience. We will set the right environment for you to act as an entrepreneur within the company. We follow an open door policy, where the senior management always has a minute or two for your
feedback and ideas.