We love global trading.

We complete commercial transactions with outstanding success and generate profit for our business partners as well as global markets, their participants and customers alike

We operate across industries wherever we can leverage profitable business potentials.
An overview of our various industry experiences is provided below:

Fast Moving Consumer Goods


E.g.: Export of various energy drink brands to Middle Eastern countries

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E.g.: Import of innovative as well as standardized products from emerging Asian markets

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Global distribution partner of European OTC medicine and drug manufacturers

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Natural Resources


E.g.: Distribution partner of East European energy suppliers for a number of different countries

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E.g.: Import of emerging brands from Italian and Turkey

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E.g.: Export of German manufactured commercial and passenger cars to Asia

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Our daily objective is to uncover the potential of global markets in a profitable way

Our ambition is to execute high-margin and at the same time low risk transactions. This may result in situations where we turn down apparently attractive project opportunities. We value sustainable success over short-term wins, while these are not mutually exclusive. In this context, our business results speak for themselves: Healthy growth with an average double-digit growth in recent quarters.
Our dual positioning in commercial relationships, on one hand being as a transaction-oriented buyer and seller, and as a distribution partner on the other hand enables us to be flexible towards our business partners and to reveal maximum synergies in collaborations.
An overview of our business areas and what you can expect from us are presented in the following


  • Buying at fair prices
  • Fast & safe payment process
  • Smooth transaction procedure
  • High volume global sourcing


  • Qualitative transparency of goods
  • Genrally high quantity of goods available
  • Structured product information sheets
  • High volume global distribution

Distribution Partner

  • Country expertise & infrastructure
  • Performance-based contractual relationship

We are committed to the highest levels of integrity

Across business areas, we are committed to the highest levels of integrity. As a company with responsible behavior, it is very important for us to conduct business activities with full responsibility towards society, local economy and the environment. We therefore stick to stringent standards and expect the same from our business partners. We achieve success while acting legally, but also morally correct.