We are a global trading company with foresight on mutual success.

Leverage the full potential of international markets across industries

Headquartered in Hamburg/Germany, and with offices around the world, exotrading is doing business since more than 10 years and positions itself in two ways. On the one hand we do act as a transactional oriented buyer and seller, on the other hand as a distribution partner for you to profitably unlock desired markets while leveraging our powerful experience and comprehensive infrastructure at those spots.


Through the combination of our global networks, deep market knowledge and the exotrading process landscape, we open up lucrative business opportunities to our partners. By acting in a
needs-oriented way, we uncover business potentials wherever
they occur across the globe.

Corporate Values

Beside of the over fulfillment of economic regulations and respect of active trading laws, we strongly believe that our honest and trustful way of conducting business is the reason for sustainable and successful results. Therefore, across everything we think and do,
we stick close to our corporate values and see them as our most important asset.


There are no losers to our business deals. We always aim for a win-win situation between our objectives and your interests


We strive for absolute excellence in the execution of contractual duties and guarantee efficiency throughout our operating processes


Driven by our passion for the job, we are thrilled to succeed every day since day one of our company launch up to now

Ethical correct

We deeply value fundamental ethical principles regarding all our deals and accept corporate responsibility as an untouchable credo

Corporate Culture

As an internationally acting corporation, we promote an interculturally open atmosphere, in which every one of our employees can be an entrepreneur in the enterprise. We are firm believers, that fresh minds, new ideas, strategic management and target-oriented implementation are key to economic development. We value a culture of extensive feedback, whereby we do not only accept each opinion, but also leverage them to the advantage of external business and internal projects.

To maximize the understanding of global markets with their complex and diverse nature, we employ people of different generations and nationalities: Young talents with innovative ideas for solutions as well as experienced professionals with deep knowledge and excellent business networks. Our business partners benefit from flat hierarchies and a positive working climate in our company: Whether a deal materializes or not, the positive communication experience, mutual respect and transparency comes first. We always focus on long-term business relationships and an extension of our network.